Why you need an email onboarding flowchart

Why You Need an Onboarding Email Flowchart

Before you create an email marketing strategy, there are some things that can make your work a little easier. This post is all about assembling your toolkit — before launching straight into a strategy. One of the first things I do when working with a new client is to do a communication audit – including creating an email onboarding flowchart. […]

7 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Content Strategy

One of the hardest parts of marketing is getting your strategy right in the first place. After a strategy, you can create and execute on your plan. Having a plan keeps you confident that you’re moving in the direction of your goals. It’s easy to get busy and distracted. That’s why you need to set aside time to plan and […]

KPI Template

Where to Start with Choosing Metrics & KPIs That Matter

Maybe you already have a social media strategy and content strategy and plan in progress. Great! The next step is figuring out how you’ll measure it – to see if all that work is making a difference. I’m a broken record on this one, but one of the most important things to do before you begin any […]

Marketing metrics

Marketing Metrics: Do Something With Your Data

This is Part III in a series on Metrics + Measurement for Beginners. Start at the beginning with How to Measure Success of Your Marketing Campaigns. After settling on our goals and making some estimates, the next step of measuring our marketing campaign is all about taking action. Start the campaign, keeping in mind the goals and […]

ROI Calculator

How to Calculate ROI: Here’s Why You Need a Fill-in-the-Blank Template

This is Part II in a series on Metrics + Measurement for Beginners. Start at the beginning with How to Measure Success of Your Marketing Campaigns. We’ve figured out the what and why of our marketing campaign with measuring success (goal, idea, desired action, success, measure). The next step deals more with the “how”  – estimating […]