How to Measure Success

How To Measure Success of Your Marketing Campaigns

How much revenue do you need to generate off an Adwords campaign just to break even? What is break even? How many impressions do you need to even make one sale? How do you know whether your latest Facebook campaign “worked”? How do you measure the value of a guest post? While the creative side of […]

How To Test Out AdWords Advertising – 7 Steps for Success

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that they tried paid search advertising through Google AdWords and “threw a few dollars in there” and then weren’t sure if they accomplished anything, I would be a rich lady. If you’re going to take the time to try AdWords advertising, here’s the right […]

How To Set Up Goals in Google Analytics + 2 That You’ll Actually Use

Have you ever logged in to Google Analytics – “ooh pretty!”, poked around “oooh fun graph!”, thought “there’s so much information here!” and then moved on to the next part of your day? Not returning to Google Analytics until a month or so later? Sound familiar? Well, today we’re going to jump in and set up […]