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Hi! I’m Olivia.

oliviaI’m a digital strategist. Normal-speak: I’m a marketing consultant. I work with startups and B2C e-commerce companies. My favorite clients are in the food, travel, outdoor, and tech space. I can help you grow your business through content strategy, email marketing and analytics (testing and measurement).

One of my strengths is quickly absorbing information and identifying key details and creative solutions to get projects off the ground with clear timelines and deliverables.

I’m all about focusing on the essentials so we have more time to spend on things we love. For me, it’s new travel experiences, family, friends, food, half marathons, IPAs, cats (I could probably fill the rest of this page with nouns, so let’s move on)…

Accomplishing big things over time can be hard work, so simplicity is key. From e-commerce marketing to graphic design, to getting my MBA, to quitting my job to travel for a year, to product management for a travel startup, and now consulting – strategy, process, numbers, and figuring things out have always been my thing.

A few more things about me…

I am an analyst. But really, I’m a creative who likes systems.

I am amazing at process, helping people make decisions, planning, spreadsheets, and analyzing. When you work with me, you can expect time savings and progress.

The world isn’t just right brain vs left brain, numbers people vs words people. Creative problem-solving solution-finding allows people to spend more time on the things they do best (whether that’s crafting spreadsheets, words, code, music or whatever awesome thing that you do).

Sound good? Email me or check out how we can work together.

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