Are You Making These 16 Mistakes on Facebook?

One of the best and worst things about Facebook, is that anyone can create a page. Too harsh? The good news is that with so many people doing it wrong, there’s opportunity for you to up your game with a few simple steps. Not quite to the optimizing stage yet? Check out this intro post […]

How To Set up a Business Facebook Page: 11 Can’t-Miss Steps

Creating a Facebook page is an easy step to building your online presence, but optimizing it so that you actually get likes and traffic back to your website, is where the fun is. To learn more about Facebook Pages and how they’re different than your personal Facebook account, check out Facebook’s great intro to Pages […]

8 Ways to Promote the Same Blog Post on Twitter (Without Sounding Like a Broken Record)

After tossing around a blog post idea, you spend hours writing a draft, crafting your message and at last you’re finished, clicking ‘Publish’ or scheduling for an upcoming day. Success! You kick back and revel in finishing another awesome post, happy to be done. Done? Nope, clicking ‘Publish’ is just the beginning. Now it’s time […]

How to Change a Facebook Tab Icon

As Facebook rolled out their newly designed brand pages this spring, they left many community managers wondering how to change the default icon on the new “tabs”. If you’ve added apps or tabs, you do have the option of adding your own image. Thankfully, it’s a just a few simply steps. Here’s how… How to […]