15 Things To Check – Your 2015 New Year’s Tune-up

Welcome 2015! The new year brings new beginnings, renewed aspirations and will power in our personal lives. It’s also a great time to take a step back on the business side. Here are 15 things to do for a fresh start this year. Some of these take longer than others, so give it a read, […]

Your Email’s Secret Weapon – Canned Responses

Gmail Better: Part II. If you missed the first in the series, check out Part I 2 minute takeaway: Enable Canned Responses. Create Templates for FAQ – Frequently Annoying Questions, or good things you get asked a lot. You know when you feel like you keep getting the same annoying questions asked of you via email? […]

5 Things You Should Be Doing in Gmail

Gmail Better: Part 1 2 minute takeaway: Enable Gmail’s New Inbox. Change the default tabs. Use labels for “Follow-up” and “Waiting For” and do a weekly review. If you always seem to be drowning in email overload, you’re doing it wrong. You may have already decided to cut your email checking time down to a […]