Good Eggs

Email marketing & content strategy

Good Eggs

Good Eggs – Better Food, More Heart.

Good Eggs brings farm-fresh, local groceries to shoppers’ doors through an online marketplace – bringing consumers and food makers together.

The Challenge

After taking a look at their marketing channels in early 2014, Good Eggs felt the biggest opportunity for improvement was in their email marketing channel. Good Eggs has a robust email schema with newsletters for different locations in combination with transactional emails sent through different providers.

With their company growing, but their newsletters seeing declining open rates, Good Eggs wanted an outside perspective on strategy and optimization opportunities so their internal team could keep cranking.

The Plan

We started with an email marketing audit and action plan to get an understanding of where Good Eggs was both under-performing and excelling – and to collect baseline metrics. From the audit, we moved into an action plan to identify both quick fix and more involved projects that would increase email marketing channel performance over time – from both a revenue and engagement perspective. This included a custom KPI and Testing Dashboard for newsletters and transactional emails.

Then we created an email marketing strategy to identify a cohesive strategy for Good Eggs’ transactional and marketing emails to work together. We rounded out the project with a Content Strategy and Plan for the future of Good Eggs’ blog – to increase community and revenue, and provide strategic content for newsletters.

The Result

Within two months:

  • Email marketing channel saw 68.3% channel growth from a traffic perspective.
  • From a revenue perspective, the email marketing channel saw 74.5% increase in revenue
  • From a conversion perspective, the email marketing channel saw a 13.73% increase in conversion (overall conversion rate withheld).
  • Triggered emails have had an 11% increase in conversion from first touch to last touch

Date: 2014
Client: Good Eggs
Skills: Email Marketing, Content Strategy, Measuring & Testing
Launch Project: