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How To Set Up an Email Address at Your Domain

One of the first things you probably think about when you’re setting up a new business is “I need a website!” Another important thing to get nailed down right away is an email address at your new domain name. There are several reasons to have an email address with your domain name in it. Why? First off, […]

Your Email’s Secret Weapon – Canned Responses

Gmail Better: Part II. If you missed the first in the series, check out Part I 2 minute takeaway: Enable Canned Responses. Create Templates for FAQ – Frequently Annoying Questions, or good things you get asked a lot. You know when you feel like you keep getting the same annoying questions asked of you via email? […]

5 Things You Should Be Doing in Gmail

Gmail Better: Part 1 2 minute takeaway: Enable Gmail’s New Inbox. Change the default tabs. Use labels for “Follow-up” and “Waiting For” and do a weekly review. If you always seem to be drowning in email overload, you’re doing it wrong. You may have already decided to cut your email checking time down to a […]