4 Ways to Grow Your Email List

When you’re just starting out with email marketing, growing your list can feel so slow. If you’re also just starting out with your business in general – versus just adding email marketing to an existing platform, it can feel even slower! Today, let’s talk about list growth. Everyone wants a bigger list. Why? Well they […]

Why You Should Be Building an Email List

Do you need an email list? Likely, but maybe not… yet. Since I run an email marketing consultancy, you would guess that my answer to that question would be a resounding “YES!” It’s not always. Lately, everyone is talking about growing a list. I go to my local coffee shop and hear funny conversations about […]

This is an example of a Segment in MailChimp

When You Should Use Lists, Groups, Fields, & Segments in MailChimp

A client recently asked me about customer segmentation and how that applies to your email list. Here’s her question: “As you know, we recently moved to MailChimp. We want to use customer segments, but we’re not sure where to start. When we were with {last email marketing software}, we just had one list. Now, it looks like we have the […]

Email Marketing Checklist Cheat Sheet: Free Download

We don’t like checklists. They can be painstaking. They’re not much fun. But I don’t think the issue here is mere laziness. There’s something deeper, more visceral going on when people walk away not only from saving lives but from making money. It somehow feels beneath us to use a checklist, an embarrassment. It runs […]

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Moving ‘Dreamers’ to ‘Do-ers’ with a 30-Day Email Course

This is a Client Story of some of my work for BootsnAll Travel. I was a Product Manager at BootsnAll, meaning that I managed the planning and lifecycle of many of our Round the World travel resources. For this project, I was also responsible for marketing, graphic design, and half of the email content writing. The […]