Plan Your Round the World Travel in 30 Days

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With thousands of pages, BootsnAll Travel’s round the world travel resources left users overwhelmed.

The Challenge

BootsnAll’s round the world travel section had thousands of posts. These ranged from quality in-depth posts (articles covering everything from packing to how to pick an itinerary) to shorter forum-type content (community members asking questions about locations) and independent travel guides on destinations across the world. All of this content was scattered across several different domains and subdomains.

BootsnAll’s community would spend hours browsing sections and learning about RTW travel. But when a trip like this takes weeks to sometimes years for some people to plan (I would know as I did an RTW trip in 2008), there needed to be a better way  – beyond a “Table of Contents” or people bookmarking where they last read – to showcase the very best. A way to cover everything you need to know about planning a RTW trip from idea to reality – beyond a checklist.

The Plan

I created a 30 day automated email course for planning a round the world trip, with implementation through our email marketing service, Mailchimp. Using their autoresponder feature, I created 30 individual autoresponders – to send “1 day after”, “2 days after” etc.

Each email consisted of a letter talking about that day’s topic, a link to a more in-depth article that was either edited and republished or newly written for this campaign, a daily action step, a quote and travel profile from someone who had done an RTW trip, and a question for the community component. One of the big challenges for this initiative was getting all of the content ready.

The Result

Within eight months:

  • 4,500 travelers took the course in the first 8 months.
  • Net Promoter Score of 71% (NPS = Promoters [9-10 ratings] – Detractors [0-6 ratings], while Passives [7-8 ratings] are left out). More than double the highest rated in the company’s history from a customer feedback perspective. This means our “promoters” vastly outweigh our “detractors”, on par with brands like Trader Joes and Apple, vs the detractor-heavy Yahoo Travel and United Airlines.
  • 52% of the course participants signed up to use Indie (BootsnAll’s trip planning tool), and for 61% of those users the RTW30 campaign was their first experience with BootsnAll.

Check out the full case study on this project.

Date: 2013
Client: BootsnAll Travel
Skills: Content Strategy, Email Marketing, Measurement & Testing
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